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Gender: Male
Experience: 14 years

About Andrew D. Enos, DC

Andrew Dean Enos, DC is a chiropractor who practices at Andrew D. Enos, DC Practice located at 10011-B Orr & Day Rd. in Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 (Los Angeles County).

Dr. Andrew D. Enos has 14 years of experience in chiropractic.


Andrew D. Enos, DC earned a degree of a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Licenses and Affiliations

Andrew D. Enos, DC has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since January 10, 2007, and his NPI number is 1508915042.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew D. Enos, please call (562) 929-6033.


Dr. Andrew D. Enos is a Chiropractor in Santa Fe Springs, CA with special training and skill in applying chiropractic healing methods to provide relief for dysfunctions of the neck, spine, musculoskeletal, and nervous system. As a Chiropractor, Andrew D. Enos, DC performs spine manipulation (also called chiropractic adjustment) to improve your overall physical health. Chiropractic is a medical specialty dedicated to practicing non-surgical healing techniques to reduce patient pain while improving mobility. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Chiropractors include lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, migraines, athletic injuries, muscle strains, torn ACL, osteoarthritis, slipped or herniated spinal discs, and post-surgical recovery. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Chiropractors include x-ray, MRI, and CT scan diagnostic imaging, reflex testing, range of motion assessment, massage, electric stimulation therapy, nutritional counseling, and physical therapy.

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Andrew D. Enos, DC

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Andrew D. Enos, DC

Andrew D. Enos, DC

Andrew D. Enos, DC Practice
10011-B Orr & Day Rd.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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