Angie L. Natero, RN, IBCLC

Registered Lactation Consultant Nurse

Gender: Female
Experience: 5 years

About Angie L. Natero, RN, IBCLC

Angie Lynn Natero, RN, IBCLC is a registered lactation consultant nurse. Mrs. Angie L. Natero has 5 years of experience in lactation consultation nursing (registered nurse).

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Angie L. Natero, RN, IBCLC earned degrees of a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Angie L. Natero, RN, IBCLC has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since January 28, 2019, and her NPI number is 1386108058.

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To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Angie L. Natero, please call (731) 644-8510.

Registered Lactation Consultant Nurse

Registered Lactation Consultant Nurses in Paris, TN

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Angie L. Natero, RN, IBCLC

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