Douglas C. Semler, MD


Gender: Male
Experience: 14+ years

About Douglas C. Semler, MD

Douglas Carey Semler, MD is a dermatologist who practices at Semler Dermatology, Inc located at 19465 Deerfield Avenue in Suite 408 in Lansdowne, VA 20176 (Loudoun County).

Dr. Douglas C. Semler has 14+ years of experience in dermatology.


Douglas C. Semler, MD earned a degree of a Doctor of Medicine.

Licenses and Affiliations

Douglas C. Semler, MD has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since May 12, 2006, and his NPI number is 1467403600.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Douglas C. Semler, please call (703) 723-6568.


Dr. Douglas C. Semler is a Dermatologist in Lansdowne, VA with special training and skill in diagnosing and treating children and adults with benign and malignant skin, hair, nail diseases. As a Dermatologist, Douglas C. Semler, MD performs medical diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, management of inflammatory skin disorders, and diagnosis of skin manifestations of systemic and infectious diseases. Dermatology is a branch of medicine dedicated to diagnosing and treating dermal infections, diseases, and cosmetic disorders. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Dermatologists include acne, wrinkles, hair loss, moles, warts, canker sores, varicose veins, dermatitis, and skin cancers like melanoma. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Dermatologists include skin biopsies, chemical peels, cosmetic injections, hair removal, dermabrasion, skin grafts, and laser surgery.

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Douglas C. Semler, MD

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Douglas C. Semler, MD

Douglas C. Semler, MD

Semler Dermatology, Inc
19465 Deerfield Avenue, Suite 408
Lansdowne, VA 20176

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