Teresa Stevens, MD


Gender: Female
Experience: 22 years
Languages: English

About Teresa Stevens, MD

Teresa Stevens, MD is a pediatrician who practices at Island Coast Pediatrics located at 13650 Metropolis Avenue in Suite 101 in Fort Myers, FL 33912 (Lee County).

Dr. Teresa Stevens has 22 years of experience in pediatrics.


Teresa Stevens, MD earned a degree of a Doctor of Medicine.

Licenses and Affiliations

Teresa Stevens, MD has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since May 01, 2006, and her NPI number is 1679531735.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Teresa Stevens, please call (239) 768-2111.


Dr. Teresa Stevens is a Pediatrician in Fort Myers, FL with special training and skill in diagnosing, preventing, and treating childhood illnesses. As a Pediatrician, Teresa Stevens, MD performs medical diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions affecting young people from infants to teenagers. Pediatrics is a medical specialty focusing on children's health. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Pediatricians include ear, sinus, and throat infections, food allergies and intolerances, urinary tract infections, skin infections, bronchitis, diarrhea, vomiting, pinkeye, and skin rashes. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Pediatricians include physical examinations, diagnosing childhood illnesses, administering vaccines, prescribing medication, providing education about childhood health, safety, and nutrition, and referring your child to specialists if necessary.

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Teresa Stevens, MD

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Teresa Stevens, MD

Teresa Stevens, MD

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