Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD


Gender: Female
Experience: 14 years

About Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD

Cheryl Ann Bowers, PhD is a neuropsychologist who practices at Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD Practice located at 740 Front St in Suite 345B in Downtown, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (Santa Cruz County).

Dr. Cheryl A. Bowers has 14 years of experience in neuropsychology.


Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD earned a degree of a Doctor of Philosophy.

Licenses and Affiliations

Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since May 21, 2007, and her NPI number is 1538378302.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cheryl A. Bowers, please call (831) 430-0100.


Dr. Cheryl A. Bowers is a Neuropsychologist in Santa Cruz, CA with special training and skill in evaluating and treating nervous system disorders, then determining how illnesses, injuries, and diseases of the brain and nervous system influence the way a patient feels, thinks, and behaves. As a Neuropsychologist, Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD performs the evaluation, assessment, and diagnosis of various brain conditions. Neuropsychology is the study and evaluation of the relationship between the brain and behavior in order to treat dysfunctions in that relationship. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Neuropsychologists include headaches, Parkinson's disease, movement disorders like epilepsy, as well as memory and cognitive disorders. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Neuropsychologists include bedside cognitive and behavioral neurologic screens; evaluation of intelligence, executive functions (such as planning, abstraction, conceptualization), attention, memory, language, perception, sensorimotor functions, motivation, mood state and emotion, quality of life, and personality styles.

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Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD

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Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD

Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD

Cheryl A. Bowers, PhD Practice
740 Front St, Suite 345B
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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