Brett M. Wigley, BCBA

Behavior Analyst

Gender: Male
Experience: 1 year

About Brett M. Wigley, BCBA

Brett Michael Wigley, BCBA is a behavior analyst who practices at Brett M. Wigley, BCBA Practice located at 44933 George Washington Blvd in Ashburn, VA 20147 (Loudoun County).

Mr. Brett M. Wigley has 1 year of experience in behavior analysis.


Brett M. Wigley, BCBA earned a degree of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Licenses and Affiliations

Brett M. Wigley, BCBA has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since January 30, 2019, and his NPI number is 1710441126.

Behavior Analyst

Mr. Brett M. Wigley is a Behavior Analyst in Ashburn, VA with special training and skill in improving patients' quality of life by helping to adjust their behaviors. As a Behavior Analyst, Brett M. Wigley, BCBA performs behavioral assessments, patient parent education, and liaisons with other mental health professionals. Behavior Analysis is a medical specialty centered on improving patients' mental or physical behavioral health by applying the principles of behavioral psychology to structured treatment plans. Significant diseases and conditions treated by Behavior Analysts include autism, drug addiction, eating disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and congenital birth defects. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by Behavior Analysts include conducting research and behavior assessments, participating in one-on-one therapy sessions with patients, and formulating and overseeing treatment plans to adjust patient behavior for positive goal achievement.

Behavior Analysts in Ashburn, VA

Brett M. Wigley, BCBA

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Brett M. Wigley, BCBA

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Brett M. Wigley, BCBA Practice Locations:

Brett M. Wigley, BCBA

Brett M. Wigley, BCBA
Behavior Analyst

Brett M. Wigley, BCBA Practice
44933 George Washington Blvd
Ashburn, VA 20147

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