RCSENG Surgeons

Royal College of Surgeons of England is a medical organization dedicated to Surgery. Doctors and practitioners associated with RCSENG have special training and skill in performing surgical procedures within a wide variety of specialties. Royal College of Surgeons of England members perform surgical operations to prevent or remedy illness, injury, or dysfunction relating to patient anatomy. Surgery is a medical specialty focusing on surgical operations performed as emergency or elective procedures. Significant diseases and conditions treated by many RCSENG members include appendicitis, heart disease, pancreatitis, traumatic injury, cancer, congenital birth defect, oral disease or dysfunction, gallbladder disease, kidney stones, chronic back, neck, or joint pain, chronic sinus infection, brain disorders, and eye injury or illness. Medical tests, procedures and therapies provided by RCSENG healthcare providers include laboratory testing, surgical procedures, post-operative care, patient education, anesthesia administration, and pre-and post-operative medication prescription.

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