Allergists Immunologists in West Woodlawn, Chicago, IL

Patients searching for doctors and healthcare providers should know that allergy & immunology is concerned with addressing the causes and treating the symptoms of immune deficiencies and hypersensitivities. The top allergists & immunologists in West Woodlawn, Chicago, IL have completed the required education and acquired the necessary proficiency in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the immune system. West Woodlawn, Chicago, IL allergists & immunologists are skillful at performing therapies to treat conditions like asthma, allergic reactions, and immune system disorders. Important treatment options, procedures and tests provided by allergists & immunologists include allergy testing, allergy injection treatment, prescribing medication, and referring patients to other specialists as needed. If you or someone you know needs treatment in West Woodlawn, Chicago, IL for allergic conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, eczema, immune deficiencies, organ transplants, asthma, and allergic reactions to pollen, mold, food, drugs, and insect stings, you can find the best allergists & immunologists using Vitadox.

Michael Foggs, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Michael Foggs, MD Practice

9831 S Western Ave, Specialty:
Chicago, IL, 60643

(773) 881-5245

Mariel R. Benjamin, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

675 N Saint Clair St, Suite 18-250
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 695-9871

Whitney W. Stevens, MD, PhD

Allergist & Immunologist

Whitney W. Stevens, MD, PhD Practice

675 N Saint Clair St, Suite 250
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 695-8624

David A. Nayak, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Concierge Allergy, LLC

530 N Lake Shore Dr, Apt 807
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 888-1475

Dawn Lei, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Dawn Lei, MD Practice

211 E Ontario St, Suite 1000
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 695-4000

Matthew Perez, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Matthew Perez, MD Practice

676 North St. Clair Street, Arkes Suite 2330
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 926-6895

Fatima S. Khan, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Fatima S. Khan, MD Practice

225 E Chicago Ave, Suite #60
Chicago, IL, 60611

(312) 227-6010

Christina E. Ciaccio, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Christina E. Ciaccio, MD Practice

5721 S Maryland Ave
Chicago, IL, 60637

(773) 702-9667

Pravin K. Muniyappa, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Entopy Research, LLC

2525 S Michigan Ave, Suite 2-614
Chicago, IL, 60616

(312) 498-2860

Amar Dixit, MD

Allergist & Immunologist

Amar Dixit, MD Practice

5841 S Maryland Ave # Mc5042
Chicago, IL, 60637

(773) 702-1000

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