Primary Care Doctors in Bayamon, PR

The top primary care doctors in Bayamon, PR have completed the required education and acquired the necessary proficiency in the specialty of primary care medicine. During an appointment with a primary care practitioner, patients should discuss all of their symptoms, existing medical conditions and other concerns. If you or someone you know needs treatment, procedure or a test done by a primary care practitioner, you can find the best primary care doctors in Bayamon, PR using Vitadox.

Emmanuel O. Gonzalez-Irizarry, MD, FACC

Emmanuel O. Gonzalez-Irizarry, MD, FACC

Telehealth   Primary Care Doctor

Emmanuel O. González Irizarry MD FACC

375 Ave Domenech
San Juan, PR, 00918

(787) 523-5170

Dinorah Torres Munoz, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Dinorah Torres Munoz, MD Practice

Marginal Este B-2117, 2Da Secc Levitown
Toa Baja, PR, 00960

(787) 261-0877

Maria S. Dominguez, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Maria S. Dominguez, MD Practice

Carretera #2 Km 39 Mb Collego
Vega Baja, PR, 00960

(787) 807-8302

Ivan G. Ramos, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Ivan G. Ramos, MD Practice

Bayamon Medical Plaza, Suite 704
Baymon, PR, 00959

(787) 798-9541

Laura M. Carbo Gonzalez, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Laura M. Carbo Gonzalez, MD Practice

Edificio Medico Santa Cruz, Suite 301
Bayamon, PR, 00961

(787) 998-4484

Jerry O. Rodriguez Resto, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Jerry O. Rodriguez Resto, MD Practice

251 Calle Violeta # 14, Urb San Rafael Estates
Bayamon, PR, 00959

(787) 392-5878

Angel R. Arroyo De Jesus, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Angel R. Arroyo De Jesus, MD Practice

2D11 Calle Eucalipto
Bayamon, PR, 00956

(787) 787-4171

Edwin Villafane San Inocencio, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Laboratorio Clinico Anamar

E54 Calle Marginal, Ext Forest Hills
Bayamon, PR, 00959

(787) 787-3235

Jose R. Medina, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Jose R. Medina, MD Practice

Calle Isabel Ii, Edificio Joaquin Montesino, Oficina 107
Bayamon, PR, 00961

(787) 780-5930

Benjamin Menendez Ruiz, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Benjamin Menendez Ruiz, MD Practice

Cond The Towers 10 Calle Las Rosas, Apt 1706
Bayamon, PR, 00961

(787) 649-7693

Joaly Santana Reyes, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Joaly Santana Reyes, MD Practice

Calle Rio Guavate Ad-22 Rio Hondo Ii
Bayamon, PR, 00961

(787) 795-4063

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