Physical Rehabilitation Occupational Therapists in King County, WA

Patients searching for doctors and healthcare providers should know that physical rehabilitation occupational therapy is a medical specialty focusing on helping patients regain physical strength and mobility lost or impaired due to illness or injury. The top physical rehabilitation occupational therapists in King County, WA have completed the required education and acquired the necessary proficiency in helping patients regain lost mobility after an illness, injury, or impairment. King County, WA physical rehabilitation occupational therapists are skillful at performing physical exercises centered on helping patients regain physical strength, mobility, flexibility, and independence while reducing or eliminating related pain. Important treatment options, procedures and tests provided by physical rehabilitation occupational therapists include diagnostic imaging, mobility and pain assessment, physical exercise planning and execution, assistive devices and technology, medical massage, and patient education. If you or someone you know needs treatment in King County, WA for injury or impairment after traumatic illness or injury such as stroke, brain damage, and spinal cord injury, post-surgical recovery, athletic injury, impairment from congenital birth defects, and chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS), you can find the best physical rehabilitation occupational therapists using Vitadox.

Tanyia L. Schier, OT

Physical Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

Tanyia L. Schier, OT Practice

4125 239th Pl SE
Issaquah, WA, 98029

(425) 647-0520

Anna Marie Sales, OT-RL

Physical Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

Anna Marie Sales, OT-RL Practice

1495 NW Gilman Blvd, Suite 4
Issaquah, WA, 98027

(425) 392-2346

Karen L. St. Charles, OT-RL

Physical Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist

Karen L. St. Charles, OT-RL Practice

219 Cedar Ave S, Mt Si Transitional Health Center/Spos North Bend
North Bend, WA, 98045

(425) 888-2129

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