Family Psychologists in Monongalia County, WV

Patients searching for doctors and healthcare providers should know that family psychology is a psychological specialty that treats the family unit. The top family psychologists in Monongalia County, WV have completed the required education and acquired the necessary proficiency in studying and promoting the mental and emotional health of families, by providing counseling to family members both as a unit and individually. Monongalia County, WV family psychologists are skillful at performing medical history analysis, assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for family dysfunction. Important treatment options, procedures and tests provided by family psychologists include family history analysis, behavioral assessments, nutritional and hormonal assessments, family and/or individual talk and/or play therapy, as well as crisis intervention. If you or someone you know needs treatment in Monongalia County, WV for marital conflict, spousal abuse, sibling conflict, parent-child conflict, learning disabilities, autism, personaltiy disorders, grief and loss depression, postpartum depression, post miscarriage care, gender and sexuality issues, and adoption issues, you can find the best family psychologists using Vitadox.

Molly O. Fechter-Leggett, PsyD

Family Psychologist

Molly O. Fechter-Leggett, PsyD Practice

3602 Collins Ferry Rd, Suite 150
Morgantown, WV, 26505

(304) 598-6655

Molly O. Fechter-Leggett, PsyD

Family Psychologist

West Virginia University

53 Campus Drive
Morgantown, WV, 26506

(304) 293-2001

Laura Capage, PhD

Family Psychologist

Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center, Inc

909 Greenbag Rd
Morgantown, WV, 26508

(304) 598-0344

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