Doctors who do thrombosis test in Linwood, Cincinnati, OH

Thrombosis Test in Linwood, Cincinnati, OH is performed by healthcare providers with the vital expertise to provide this treatment modality. Patients seeking thrombosis test should discuss all aspects of such treatment with the provider and consider all of the benefits and potential side effects. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a condition that requires thrombosis test, use Vitadox to find the top thrombosis test specialists in Linwood, Cincinnati, OH.

Kevin L. McChord, RVT, MD, RPVI

Family Medicine Doctor

Vein Clinics of America - Cincinnati, OH

8044 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH, 45236

(859) 240-2310

Andrew T. Hearn, MD

Vascular Surgeon

The Cranley Surgical Assoc, Inc

2123 Auburn Ave
Cincinnati, OH, 45219

(513) 961-4335

Attef A. Mikhail, MD

Diagnostic Radiologist

Vascular and Interventional Associates, Radiology Assoc. of N KY

1148 Breckinridge Rd.
Park Hills, KY, 41011

(859) 653-9445

Andrew T. Hearn, MD

Vascular Surgeon

Cranley Surgical Associates, Inc

3747 W Fork Rd
Cincinnati, OH, 45247

(513) 961-4335

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