Gregory Shifrin, MD

Other Service Specialist

Gender: Male
Experience: 12 years

About Gregory Shifrin, MD

Gregory Shifrin, MD is an other service specialist who practices at Grel Obs Obgyn, PC located at 1766 E 12th St in Brooklyn, New York, NY 11229 (Kings County).

Dr. Gregory Shifrin has 12 years of experience in other service specialty.


Gregory Shifrin, MD earned a degree of a Doctor of Medicine.

Licenses and Affiliations

Gregory Shifrin, MD has been registered with the National Provider Identifier database since February 21, 2007, and his NPI number is 1477688604.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Shifrin, please call (718) 743-0505.

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Gregory Shifrin, MD

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Gregory Shifrin, MD Practice Locations:

Gregory Shifrin, MD

Gregory Shifrin, MD
Other Service Specialist

Grel Obs Obgyn, PC
1766 E 12th St
New York, NY 11229

miles away

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